Our Services

An overview of our major investment services

One of the founding principles of Adava Capital is to ensure our clients understand their investments and receive personalized updates about their portfolio. We provide easy to understand reports, statements and quarterly letters. Adava Capital will help you maximize your wealth, and pursue your financial goals. The process starts by providing you with an overview of our major services.

Private Equity

Our private equity model is a proven force behind sustainable business growth. We act as a reputable bridge to garner the right equity investment for your business.

Venture Capital

We are interested in daring but shrewd startups with a global outlook. We connect startups our with our strategic partners to help develop, integrate and expand their products/services globally.

Trusts and Fiduciary Services

We offer trust services to both individuals and institutions. We cover all trust matters - establishment, administration, taxation, commercial and litigation (contentious and non-contentious) matters. Be it pensions, remuneration or family trusts, we dilligently strive to provide the best services.

Asset Recovery

We work with the best legal minds in the EU to reclaim escheated properties. As a result of the large number of unclaimed properties, there is a tremendous opportunity for companies and individuals to conduct an asset recovery program to recoup potential property and funds belonging to them.

High Yield Bonds

A high-yield bond is a high paying but risky bond. When companies with ratings of BB- or BAA3 offer high yield bonds, Adava Capital sees opportunities when others shy away. Our experts apply tactical multi-strategic analysis to exploit opportunities and generate value.

Convertible Securities

A convertible security is a security that can be converted. For example, bonds or preferred stock can be converted into equity or common stock. We identify those issues that offer the greatest bargain - convertible stocks likely to appreciate greatly while limiting exposure to declines that may occur.

Distressed Debt

Distressed debts are debts of bankrupt companies or companies that are most likely to go bankrupt. This form of investment requires a great deal of tactical capital expertise. We 'buy' and 'hold', and seek to build organizational value after the restructure process.

Real Estate

For over 6 years, Adava Capital has sought equity capital and expertise for commercial real estate developers. We maintain deep relationships with both developers and joint venture partners. Such relationships are critical in identifying prime opportunities and producing outperforming returns to investors in a volatile market.